About Byodo natural foods

The company Byodo Natural Foods has been producing valuable organic nutrition for over 35 years

Byodo Naturkost GmbH was formed on July 25, 1985 by Michael Moßbacher, Hermann Konrad and Harry Whitfort. Byodo’s name means “The common path”, which is translated from Japanese and which started with the idea and the demand to produce organic high quality soy products. As one of the first in Europe, the organic lovers produced fresh, organic tofu and tempeh in a small garage in Munich even then in 100% organic quality.
Three years later, partnerships were formed with the first permanent manufacturers and thus gave the starting signal for the first Byodo product groups such as rice wafers, mustard, vinegar and oil which are still important today.
In 2008, Byodos moved into the new company building, which to this day is a figurehead for the company with its special architecture and the energy concept that has won several awards. Among other things, the “green company building” completely dispenses with fossil fuels.
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