About Holle

The company Holle has been producing valuable organic baby nutrition for over 80 years

Natural and wholesome baby formula in valuable organic quality for a nutritionally balanced diet.

As a pioneer for organic baby nutrition, Holle stands for carefully processed, pure and natural formulas:

  • Valuable organic ingredients
  • Strictest organic guidelines
  • Raw materials that are regional as far as possible
  • Without flavourings, colourings and preservatives

For more than 80 years: only the best for the little ones. Balanced baby nutrition in valuable organic and Demeter quality from Holle. Ingredients that have been produced by genetic engineering are of course absolutely off-limits. Also, granulated sugar, salt, aroma, colour and preservatives are completely avoided. They are exporting to 38 countries. Regardless of all the business concerns, you can read it: breast milk is the best nutrition for a baby in the first six months of life. Holle babyfood prints this message clearly visible on its packaging. Additional tip by the producer, to mix Demeter cereal porridge with breast milk. Discover the wide range of baby nutrition for the first year of life and beyond on our product pages. Holle is the first Demeter producer of baby foods.

What does Demeter stand for?

Organic farming means that no artificial fertilisers or chemical synthetic pesticides are used. Plant quality also means nutritional quality and taste. The fruits used are seasonally ripened organic varieties, particularly aromatic and taste typical of the variety.

They maintain facilities located in Riehen in Switzerland and in Grünsfeld near Tauberbischofsheim in Baden-Wuerttemberg in Germany. The production of baby formula and cereal-based foods for babies is carried out in Germany.

organic baby formula by holle