How to prepare formula

When mixing organic baby formula, some rules of hygiene should be followed by the parents. This will prevent harmful germs from multiplying in the bottle.

Step by step how to prepare formula

This is how to prepare formula for infants:

prepare organic baby formula wash handsAlways clean the working area before preparation and wash your hands properly with warm water and soap.

prepare organic baby formula with boiled waterBoil the water and let it cool down for a while. When stirring baby formula, pay attention to the water temperature instructions on the packaging. Temperatures of around 104°F (40° Celsius) are usually sufficient.

prepare organic baby formula dosage with scoop properlyDosage according to package instructions. If you are using a scoop, the best way to do this is to wipe off the protruding powder with a clean back of a knife.

prepare organic baby formula mix it with waterAdd powdered formula (we recommend milk  from Holle) to the bottle and add the water and keep shaking until the formula has dissolved completely.

prepare organic baby formula check for temperatureBefore giving the milk to the baby, it has to cool down to feeding temperature. This is not more than 98,6°F (37° Celsius), which is normal body temperature. One good way to check is to put a few drops on the inside of your wrist. The milk should feel warm, but not too hot and it should be comfortable to touch the bottle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any remaining leftovers must be trashed. In order to keep spoons, teats and bottles germ-free, we strongly recommend washing all used utensils in the dishwasher at 149°F (65° Celsius) or by hand with hot water and detergent. Use brushes or sponges to clean the inside and outside of the bottle and teat, with which you do not clean any other utensils except baby bottles. It is even better to boil the bottle and teat in boiling water for at least two minutes. Afterwards, let them dry well.

Yes, boiled water is best for preparing the formula. You can usually use tap water for this. Although the quality of tap water is generally very good, germs and pathogens can multiply in the pipes or taps. In order to eliminate these, boil the water. If you buy bottled water, make sure to check the label for infant food.

Bottles should not be prepared for reserve, they must be prepared fresh at all times. However, when travelling or feeding at night, parents can portion the baby formula into clean, dry bottles and store the boiled drinking water in a clean, sealed Thermos. Just before feeding, put the water into the bottle and mix it with the formula.

Never use a microwave to prepare formula. The bottle heats up unevenly, which could scald your baby’s mouth.

Important: The expiration date is written as follows dd-mm-yyyy. For example: 06-09-20 is written as 09.06.20 on formulas made in Europe.

The powdered formula should not be frozen or stored in the refrigerator, as there is a risk of spoilage due to humidity. We recommend to close the opened package well with a clip, store at ambient temperature and feed within 2 weeks. After this period, the formula will not suddenly go bad, but it cannot be excluded that some vitamins will slowly decompose and thus the actual level will no longer match the level declared on the package. For babies in the first few months this would have negative effects on their health. Opened formula should not be stored and used for longer than 3-4 weeks.

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