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Organic baby formula after the 12th month (Stage 4)

Stage 4 formula is recommended for your baby at the end of the 1st year of life.

What is Stage 4 formula?

Stage 4 formula is intended to be an alternative to cow’s milk, that your baby may start consuming at around 12 months of age.

Organic formula after the 12th month (Stage 4) is intended for the feeding of infants from the 12th month onwards following a Stage 3 feeding. They are adapted to the special nutritional needs of babies at this age.

Our advice: If your baby is satisfied with the PRE formula (Stage 1) and is becoming full, there is no need to switch to follow-on formula! According to the DGE (German Nutrition Society), these two products are the only alternative to breast milk.

And those who are still lost in the baby formula jungle are welcome to contact us. We stand by your side with advice and support and are happy to advise you.


After the 12th month

Holle Formula Stage 4

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