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Organic baby formula after the 6th month (Stage 2)

Follow-on formula should be given not earlier than in the 5th and not later than in the 7th month of life, ideally with the introduction of complementary nutrition. Follow-on formula should be the largest liquid part of a diet that becomes more and more varied over time. Similar to the PRE formula, you should follow the instructions of the manufacturer exactly when preparing the follow-on formula.

What is Stage 2 formula?

Stage 2 baby formula differs greatly from breast milk or PRE formula. In addition to a much higher proportion of protein and other types of sugar, it also contains the legally required proportion of iodine and iron. Furthermore, it has a different nutrient composition. The increased protein content is also noticeable. For this reason, follow-on formula (Stage 2) is only suitable for babies from the 6th month. You should feed it to your baby if your baby is no longer sufficiently saturated from PRE formula. If your baby is still satisfied with the Stage 1 formula after the 6th month, it is perfectly okay to continue giving it instead of organic formula after the 6th month.

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After the 6th month

Holle Formula Stage 2


After the 6th month

Holle Formula Stage 2 Goat

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